Township: Tips and Tricks

Township: Tips and Tricks

Whether you like to farm or build cities, Township brings the best of both worlds together. You begin the game with a well-settled town and plowed farms to grow crops.

When you start playing the game, you get ten plots of land and you can only grow wheat on them. As you progress, you can unlock more plots and grow other crops like sugarcane and cotton.

As the population of your town grows, you can construct more buildings, decorate your town, increase the production of crops. You’re responsible for the happiness of the citizens of your town.

You can sell the crops you grow in your town directly or process them into consumer goods before selling. For example, you can sell wheat or grind it to flour and sell it or ship it to the bakery and sell bread to earn higher profits.

To make your town prosper in every way, you can trade your resources with the resources not produced in your town. You can also buy resources for your town with real money.

Start Expanding Your Town Right From The BeginningYou should start expanding your city early-on as expansion becomes increasingly difficult as you progress. In the initial stages of the game, you will have enough supply of materials, plenty of space and access to different components.

Build A Free TownIn Township, you don’t have any quests or missions to complete. Use your creativity and choose buildings and accomplishments wisely for your town. To win experience points, premium currency and points, you have to build a prosperous town and keep the population of your town happy.

Concentrate On Farming

Your town thrives mostly on crops. That’s why it is important not to diverge from farming to build a bustling town. As you unlock more crops, choose to grow the crops that you believe to help the economy of your town in the long-term. Keep watching the orders in queue and fulfill the demand accordingly.

Make Friends On Social Networks

Connections help in the growth of your town as you can exchange the resources, trains, planes, etc. with your friends for a thriving economy.

Choose The Right Construction Materials

Choose the construction materials wisely and select only those that fit your long-term strategy. You should keep sending planes or trains until you get the materials you need instead of settling down for something that’s not so important for your town.

Earn More Coins With Achievements And More Orders

As you progress and complete achievements, you earn T-cash, XPs, and coins. Complete more orders to earn more coins in the game.

You can also spend real money to buy T-cash and coins to speed up your progress. If you don’t want to spend real cash, township hack can prove to be quite useful to you.

With coins, you can build factories and buildings. With XPs, you can level up faster and unlock crops, factories, buildings, decorations, etc. With T-cash, you can get anything that you want in the game, that’s why you should spend them judiciously.


Township is a town-development strategy game. You’re responsible for making the citizens of your town happy. A large network of friends on the social media can help you in almost every situation and save you from slowing down.

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