Summoners War: Most Important Tips & Tricks You Must Know

Summoners War is an MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlay Game) played by millions of players across the world. This game works on Android and iOS platforms. It is an action-packed, fast-playing card game in which players take on the role of Summoners.

Summoners are powerful creatures who get their power from Summoning stones. They aim to conquest the planet of Itharia. Summoners can drain their enemies power, bring down the rains of fire from the heaven, freeze their enemies and summon hordes of warriors on the battleground.

Summoners need to use smart tactics on the battlefield as they are both wizards and general of their armies. Tactics dictate the effectiveness of the strategies adopted by the summoners.

Summoners War Tips & Tricks

– Attacking one enemy at a time

The player should focus on taking down one monster at a time on the battlefield. Make all of your monsters attack the same opponent during the war.

If you space out your warriors on the battlefield to fight different enemies, they will get a chance to come back. Killing one monster at a time can quickly reduce the number of enemies your army has to fight.

– Understanding monster attributes

Each monster is associated with a particular element. You should understand which element(light, dark, fire, water, wind) is strong against which monster.

Light and dark are weak against one another. Wind is strong against water. Water is strong against fire. Fire is strong against wind.

– Participating in Arena battles

Arena battles can earn you a lot of rewards. You will be able to grab a lot of crystals and other essential items for your monsters during the Arena battles. You can also buy Arena defenses for a better performance during the Arena battles.

– Raising up a powerful healer

Healers are necessary to give your monsters extra life during the battles. It is a good move to put your healers upfront in the battles as they can also work as tanks besides healing your warriors.

– Amassing 10 crystals every day

You should also complete daily missions to grab ten crystals every day. You should spend your crystals judiciously and make sure that you are actually saving a lot of time by spending time.

Crystals can accelerate your game progress as you can use them for pretty much everything inside the game. With crystals, you can expand your monster box, refill energy, boost EXP, etc. Summoners war hack can be very useful to you if you don’t want to spend money buying crystals.

– Best monsters and tactics during boss fights

Boss fights will be the toughest challenges in the game for you. Watch out for the element associated with the boss. Build your army accordingly, so that it contains monsters that have elements strong against the boss’s element.

Take your online friend’s help and bring down his leader monster on the battlefield against the boss. It is also beneficial to use your monster’s special abilities at the beginning of the battle.

To Sum Up

Summoners War is a beautifully crafted card-based strategy game. You will be fighting RPG(Role-Playing Game) battles and directing your armies of monsters. It takes time to progress and build a solid base and unlock powerful monsters. Crystals can fast-track your progress if you know how to spend them properly.

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